My daughter, Sydney, has attended Jasinski Academy for 5 years. As a parent, I would not consider taking her anywhere else. Sydney began her dance career at the age of 3. She was instructed on correct body movement and stretching techniques. Now at the age of 8, she acts and performs as a mini ballerina with graceful arm extensions and pointed toes. She comprehends and uses correct ballet terminology and techniques.

Ms. Lyn and all the teachers at Jasinski make ballet fun while maintaining high expectations for the students. These expectations are not only for each ballerina’s performance but their attitude as well.

As a school teacher and parent, I greatly appreciate the diligence of the instructors to instill these characteristics in our children. Another area of appreciation for me is the music and costumes that are used for the recitals. The music is not suggestive or disrespectful and costumes are appropriate and of good taste.

I have the utmost respect for Ms. Lyn and her teachers. I trust my daughter with them and plan for my daughter to attend this academy for as long as she wishes to pursue her dance career.

- Brandi Webster


My daughter started ballet with Pied Piper, through John Knox CDC over 5.5 years ago. She is now 8.5.
From Pied Piper to Jasinski Studio, my daughter has grown strong both physically and mentally. She knows her body is strong and healthy and attributes it to her dedication to dance. She has an extremely healthy body image. In addition, her attention span has increased, she is disciplined in all things important, and enjoys herself. She attributes most of this to her experience with Pied Piper and continuing on to Jasinski.
I always recommend Jasinski Studios to friends, family, and anyone willing to listen to me. The respect my daughter receives, high expectations she is held to, and encouragement she receives from the instructors is worth everything.
- Michelle Singer


My little granddaughter, Tara, began her dance experience at age four with Miss Lyn (the Pied Piper) at Riverfield Country Day School. She is now eight and continues to immensely enjoy each and every ballet class and has recently added modern dance in her class schedule. Tara has grown in her bodily/kinesthetic awareness and competence under the superbly professional instruction of Miss Lyn. Miss Lyn has an amazingly calm, serene disposition and her students respond to her in kind with enormous respect and cooperation. I have never seen a more exquisite approach to working with children in the arts.

I give Miss Lyn and the Jasinski Academy my very highest recommendation for providing to children a wonderfully balanced experience of supporting and refining motor skill development while simultaneously increasing their ability to focus, gain enormous poise and confidence, have fun, and be joyful.

- Dr. Beverly Edwards